Track plays slowly after tempo change

Hello All, I imported a simple backing track into pro 9, I key changed it (-2 ST) Using the tempo on the transport bar I changed the tempo from 120 to 118 BPM it sounded fine so I saved and closed Cubase. When I loaded Cubase again and played the track it plays back very slowly and in a very low key. Cubase 5 used to do this with no problems Help Please.

In the Pool, was the audio’s tempo set to 120 before you made the change? You can get some very unexpected values when importing, so it always needs checking before you do things like this.

Check your samplerate setting of interface, Cubase project and audio files

When I imported the track the sample and bitrate were set to the same as the project

I have discovered that with Cubase not opened if I find where the project is stored right click on it and click open the track plays fine

But certainly your interface is running at a different samplerate.
With your project open, and running at wrong speed and pitch, what colour does the samplerate field in the project setup show?