Track Preset and Plugin Preset Locations


I use Cubase 6.5 on Mac and my issue is this:

Every time I save either a Track Preset or a Cubase Plugin Preset, I can never seem to find it again! All the correct and appropriate boxes are selected and ticked in the media bay etc so it’s not that. They are just no where to be seen! Anyone else have similar problems or any suggestions to help me out?

Many Thanks!

Use the bloody search function, try the knowledegebase, Try the manual…

I have a question for “ThinkingCap”. This is not the first time I have read a sarcastic, condescending remark from you to someone who is seeking help on this forum. In fact, almost ALL your remarks are made in disgust. If you are so impatient and intolerant of help-seekers, even if it IS a reoccurring question, then my question to you is… why do you even bother coming to this section? If you stay in your ivory tower you won’t have to be bothered by those of us who are not as well-versed in Cubase as you are.

Must be a similar or the same reason, why you had to post the above post, instead of simply ignoring it and offer the OP some more help than you think I did…

Apart from that, for me, it’s not really about how well-versed someone is or is not, but if someone puts a little self effort in solving a problem or not…

Problem solved. Worked it out for myself. No need for sarcasm etc, just simply seeking a little advice after trying a few things myself but not getting very far, hence why I tried the forum, help from fellow Cubase users? For the record I did try ‘searching’ etc for my presets before actually posting to the forum, I’m not completely stupid.

Anyway, solution to the problem, for anyone who happens to stumble upon this thread:

  1. Open Media Bay
  2. Left hand column, find and select the appropriate folder in which your presets are contained… VST Presets, User Presets, etc (different presets are stored in different folders)
  3. Click on ‘Rescan’ at the top and your presets should appear. Job done.