Track Preset Bug?

I’m trying to use track presets to load combinations of audio tracks and midi channels so I can easily add studio instrument configurations into my projects. For example, if I want to load my normal synth guitar set up, I use 1 mono audio track (dry guitar), 1 stereo audio track for the guitar floorboard, 1 midi track from the guitar>midi converter which outputs to a synth; and 1 stereo audio track for the synth. It works ALMOST perfectly. But it doesn’t recall the input channel routing. (I have my instruments normalized from my patch bay to my interfaces so that, for example, mono guitar is MR1 ch 1; floorboard is MR2-ch 3 & 4…) Manual at P188 says it should recall input channels as part of the audio track presets, but it always loads input channel 1 (MR 1, ch 1) for every audio channel when recalling track presets. Am I missing something or is this a bug in the track preset feature?

I don’t use the track preset function too often. What I’ve done is to set up several templates that are specifically made for the routing /VST’s I want. Basically I originally made a massive template that contained all the possible tracks/routings/VST/etc that I wanted. Then from that template I paired it down into smaller templates that get more specific to the project I think I will end up with. I have no issues at all with the templates recalling all settings I apply in them.

Bottom line suggestion… try using a template.

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Prock: Thanks. I’ve tried the template thing as well. That seems to work. When I recall a master saved template, all the input routings are correct. But when I recall a track preset, the input routings are missing.

I have seen a few other posts complaining about the same issue with the track preset function (not saving the input routing). Search the forum. It might be a bug. Hopefully another forum member will chime in here to confirm.

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it’s by design. Routing and fx sends are not stored in trackpresets.

JB; thanks for the response, but the manual (P188) seems to indicate that is routing is part of track presets.

Sorry for butting in a few months latter but I also would like this issue to be solved. I have a few mics and mic combinations that are always plugged in and ready to go but I can’t make track presets to save the input routing. I’m pretty sure I was able to do that in previous Cubase versions but it’s not working on 9.0.30 as far as I know. Pretty dumb design or bug.

I’m not sure I completely understand, but did you (or anyone in this scenario) try to use File>track export? For tasks such as Toontrack EZX or SD2 I don’t even load the VST’s the traditional way since the multiple outputs, inserts and sends to fx tracks are saved via track export.

Then File>track import, and proceed from there?

The export/import saves inserts,sends and routings for audio, instrument, group and fx tracks. It does not save the colors of tracks.

Of course addressing external input output routing is not part of this.