Track Preset Bug?

I’m trying to use track presets to load combinations of audio tracks and midi channels so I can easily add studio instrument configurations into my projects. For example, if I want to load my normal synth guitar set up, I use 1 mono audio track (dry guitar), 1 stereo audio track for the guitar floorboard, 1 midi track from the guitar>midi converter which outputs to a synth; and 1 stereo audio track for the synth. It works ALMOST perfectly. But it doesn’t recall the input channel routing. (I have my instruments normalized from my patch bay to my interfaces so that, for example, mono guitar is MR1 ch 1; floorboard is MR2-ch 3 & 4…) Manual at P188 says it should recall input channels as part of the audio track presets, but it always loads input channel 1 (MR 1, ch 1) for every mono audio channel and MR 1, ch 3 & 4 for every stereo track when recalling track presets.The midi ins and outs are recalled correctly as are the audio channel output bussing. Am I missing something or is this a bug in the track preset feature?

To duplicate this issue:

  1. Create new project.
  2. Verify VST Connections on inputs correspond to your input channels on your interface.
  3. Add an audio track.
  4. Assign input routing from a particular input (from the VST connections, e.g., input 4) and the output to your master output bus.
  5. Right click on the track and save as a track preset. Name accordingly.
  6. Either delete the track from the project or close the project and open a new one.
  7. Open the preset browser.
  8. Double-click the previously saved track preset to load it into the project.

RESULT: Track preset loads the new audio channel, but the input routing selection is not recalled correctly. (e.g., in my example, instead of loading input 4, it loads input 1)