Track Preset for External Instrument Not Sending Program Change

Here’s another repeatable bug.

When loading a track preset from the Inspector’s list box for an existing external instrument track, the selected program is not being sent to the external MIDI device.
You have to select a different program and select back again to get it to be sent.
The same thing happens if you drag the same preset from the Media Bay onto the existing track.

However if you create a new track by browsing in the Media Bay for the same track preset and double-click it, the Program Change is sent to the MIDI device.

I’ve discovered a bit more about this.
Its not quite what I thought. The Program Change is actually going to the device but its the wrong patch being sent. The Inspector is sending out the patch that you are changing FROM, not the one you’re changing TO.
So each time you change it, the MIDI device is one patch behind, doh! :roll_eyes:
I’ve confirmed that this is consistent behaviour.

(It’s doing a “Two Ronnies” - those of a certain age in the UK will know what I mean. :laughing: )

If you select the same track preset twice, it does work but that’s a pain to have to do each time.

At least it seems to work correctly when new tracks are created by double-clicking a preset from the Media Bay and when a project is first opened.

Hi @VictorSierraTango. Thank you for the report. We’ll check this.
(for our internal reference: CAN-50359)

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