Track Preset NOT saving Fader/Pan HELP!!!

Hey fellow Cubase Guru’s,
Having a bit of trouble with using Track presets.
I am on the verge of mixing a big album and have the same drum kit on all 10 tracks. SO I am wanting to use track presets on each song. I have tried copying and saving the track presets but all its doing is saving the plug in’s I have. Its not copying the fader position nor the pan position. What am I missing?

Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated.

Dennis in Memphis

Anyone have a clue about this?

try to use MixConsole “Save Selected channels” and then “Load Selected Channels”

Still not working. Its copying ALL the inserts but nothing else.
In this video Greg Ondo states that Pan and Volume should be copied as well in a preset.

Its simply not working for me. Are there global settings somewhere I need to look at?

I never use the Cubase EQ always opting for UAD stuff. I tried making some crazy curves in a preset and saving it.
I also have various Steiny and UA plug ins as well.

It copied over the EQ and ALL the plug ins. But again its not copying the Volume or Pan.

What am I missing???


I’m sorry, but everything works fine at my side. Track presets save volume and pan.

Thanks Winter Rat for trying.

Anyone else??


Hi Denicio - confirmed here. However, that was to an already existing track. The vol, pan, input gain and phase are only applied when creating NEW tracks from a Track Preset (‘Working with Track Presets’ in the manual, page 422).

If you use Mixer Channel saves/loads instead (as Winter Rat also suggested), these do include vol, pan etc.

Don’t know what the Greg Ondo vid is about; seems its throwing an error on trying to play for me here…

Does that help…? (I just tried both; works here).


I thought I tried that but it appears I am missing something. Can you do an old engineer a favor and detail a step by step instruction on the 'Mixer Channel Save/Load"?
Don’t be afraid to be over descriptive either.


Manual p.208

Saving and Loading Selected Channel Settings
It is possible to save MixConsole settings for selected audio-related channels. You can load these later into any project. Channel settings are saved as MixConsole settings files with the file extension .vmx.
1.Open the Functions menu on the MixConsole toolbar and select “Save Selected Channels”.
A standard file dialog opens where you can specify the file name and location.
The input/output routing is not saved.
To load MixConsole settings saved for selected channels, proceed as follows:
1.Ensure that you select a number of channels that corresponds to the number of channels for which you saved the settings.
The settings are applied in the same order as they were saved. For example, you save the settings for channels 4, 6, and 8 and apply these settings to channels 1, 2, and 3. In this case, the settings saved for channel 4 are applied to channel 1, the settings saved for channel 6 are applied to channel 2, and so on.
2.Open the Functions menu on the MixConsole toolbar and select “Load Selected Channels”.
A standard file dialog opens that allows you to locate the settings file.
3.Select the file and click Open.
The channel settings are applied to the selected channels.
Resetting MixConsole Channels
You can reset all or selected channels on the MixConsole to their default settings.
1.Open the Functions menu in the MixConsole toolbar and select “Reset MixConsoles…”.
2.Decide if you want to reset all channels or only the selected channels.
All EQ, insert, and send effect settings are reset. Solo and Mute buttons are deactivated, the volume fader is set to 0 dB, and pan is set to the center position.
When you apply MixConsole settings to fewer channels than those contained in the settings file, some of the saved settings are disregarded. Since the saved settings are applied from left to right as shown in the MixConsole, the settings for the channels that remain on the right are not applied to any channels.

Winter Rat,
Yo Bro, I owe you a beer, a shot or a tall glass of red wine!!!
This little gem did it
“1.Open the Functions menu on the MixConsole toolbar and select “Save Selected Channels”.
A standard file dialog opens where you can specify the file name and location.”

I was highlighting a channel in the project view, right clicking and choosing save/load track preset" which SOUNDS like what I was wanting. NOPE!

Winter Rat Saves the Day!

Dennis (a very happy engineer)

Ok, spent the evening with this little tip. Gotta tell you guys how BAD ASS this feature is. I have an Xkeys keypad where my left hand rests and even programmed 2 keys for this feature alone. WHAT a monster time saver this is for me and it allows me to mix with reliable consistency.

Thanks to Winter Rat for the tips and thanks to Steinberg for continuing to add robust features to this DAW.


Just to clarify, no pan is saved when saving track presets on the project page, but they are saved when saving from the mix console? If true is this by design?

Yes it copies inserts, eq, pan and fader position from the mix console.

It does NOT save fader/pan on project page. Does not seem to make much sense. Seems like an oversight to me.


Now I need to re-check my key commands as there may be different commands for the mix console vs. project page. I think the bigger issue with track presets in general is the impossibility of saving sends and the fact that you can’t do it without saving multiple presets…which makes it confusing in the long run for myself.

I’m not very experienced with these features, mostly because of no saving sends. Now at least I know there is a difference between clicking in the project page and clicking in the mix console.

When I posted I had also sent a question to Tech Support: Here is the reply I got.
“Greg is using version 6 in the video. Track and group presets work differently in 7 where this info does not carry over. I’m not sure as to why the change other than 6 would save them as VMX files and in 7 they moved away from that file type.”

That’s it! That is the full reply. I am kinda saddened that my initial question did not get answered either. My problem only got solved by User Forums. While THAT speaks well of our Forum Community it does not say all that much about Tech Support. Not trying to beat up Yamaha Tech Support but I at least expect them to be as knowledgeable about the product as the end users are and provide answers.
Am I wrong in thinking the answer should have been like “That’s the old system in the video, we changed it…and here is how you do it now”?

Still hating the fact it takes a full 2 days to get a reply from them too. I can remember picking up the phone and being able to talk to a tech support guy in an instant. Ahh the good ole days…

[Post edited] - Denicio makes valid points below. I misread the detail of this thread.


My post was about presets on existing tracks not new tracks. I guess I can see a small need for new track presets but not in my world and the way I work.
So repeating your answer over and over for a question I did not ask is a bit silly. Yes I have found my way around via the help of fellow forum members indeed.

You have a low bar for Tech support it seems. I personally set the bar much higher. For the money we shell out on an annual basis for upgrades I hope they have uber trained pro’s in tech support. If you see his answer he did not even answer my question. As for tiny details about their software, heck this guy DID know about the difference between 6 and 7 so he seemed aware…but my original question was left unanswered. So it seems he knows the details. Did any of us know the big VMX changes as it relates to saving channel presets?

As for a “Follow up” response in a few days. I did not see where he said he was going to do that…did I miss something? I get that you are trying to be positive but I cant help but look at reality here. I have never once had Steiny/Yammy tech support follow up in a few days in all my years with Steinberg (since Nuendo version 1), I have had to be a squeaky wheel to get the answers I need.

I am not here to bash/antagonize you or tech support, I simply pointed out the NON answer I got from them and lamented on how good tech support used to be. I have had some good tech support experiences with Yammy but those are fewer than the experience I have had like in this scenario. This seems par for the course.

Been loyal a long time and just expect more out of a company I have financially supported since 2001.

Did you ever figure out how to get the multi track preset to save the fader and pan settings?

I think the conclusion above was to ignore mediabay and go to the mixer, shift select your multiple channels, pull down the drop arrow from its top toolbar and save selected channels. This has just worked for me with pans and vols and all eq/inserts etc. This was after having the persistent problem outlined below. It tends to want to save them in the project folder so I saved them in the parent album folder for the several similar songs. This seems all different to the mediabay location for track presets as found below.

[I’ve just been having the same problem loading multi track presets; there is no list when I click “load presets” even though they are saved. I get an empty results list although it says “- 27” shown in the box at top right.
In windows 8 Cubase seems to automatically store these i users/myname/appData/roaming/steinberg/trackpresets/multi.
If I go there manually in windows explorer there they are - all 27 of them so they do exist!
If I go to “define locations” in mediabay my (as above)/steinberg/trackpresets/multi folder is light blue indicating it’s searched.

If one goes to mediabay and double click a setting then it adds empty tracks with the presets. So presume this load is for new tracks.]