Track Preset Saving Issue [SOLVED]

Hello there,

Im facing a really annoying issue with cubase pro 8 by saving “track presets”.

While Im saving a track preset and press ok it seems to be ok and saved.

When im going to load this preset does not appearing in the list. When im going back to save again the preset under the same name it says “the name is already exist”

So, it is probably saving the presets somewhere in the system but it’s unable to recall them.

notice that I have only 15 presets and it doesn’t save any more.

Please let me know what can I do about it, many people in the forum have the same issue and there is no solution.

Thank you in advance


Test Cubase without preferences
– Open the user library
– Go to Preferences
– Move out of the Preferences folder all Cubase X (where ‘X’ is the version number)