Track Preset vs. Save Selected Channels

What are the best use cases for Track Presets (Project Window) vs. Save Selected Channels (Mixer Window)? Do they do the same thing but from different windows? Do they both create data that can be transferred between projects?

I usually do all my mixes from scratch but would like to [finally] experiment with reusing things that are working for me, particularly within the same album.


Hi there

I always use Export selected tracks, save all the tracks with settings, inserts and instruments I want into a folder (named track presets:-)). Then Import whichever ones I need for the project I’m working on, it’s particularly useful for drums as it imports the individual drum channels as well. Which if I remember correctly track presets didn’t do, that may have changed but I haven’t tried it.

Best Regards, Dave

Ah. Thanks. I’ve been using that method with another engineer. A third option!

Same. The export functionality is great. I wish they’d standardize the export folder, and added these to the media browser for drag and drop into projects. Having these available in the browser would dramatically speed up my workflow.

Unfortunately none of the options to save track/channel/mixer settings are fully baked or they’ve been broken in recent updates… “Save selected channels” in the mixer used to work on all channel types until version 8.5 when you were no longer able to include instrument channels. “export selected tracks” is definitely the most fool-proof way of doing this for the time being but it still has quite a few drawbacks and can make a giant mess of your fx and bussing if you’re not careful. “track presets” don’t retain much aside from just plugins… It seems a comination of all 3 methods can get you there but they all seem like workarounds.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but with save selected/load selected you need to know the exact number of channels.

If you save 5 but then try to load 4, it wont work. And yes, I didn’t think it ever worked with instrument channels.

Track export/track import is very different than save/load selected. With save/load selected, you are loading on already existing tracks. Track import adds those tracks to already existing tracks.

Thank you for all the great clarifications!