Track presets/archives with folders, is it possible?

Is it possible to save track folders using some sort of system in Cubase?

I’ve tried saving a track archive and track presets, but it apparently doesn’t work. Am I missing anything?

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I’d like to be able to save groups of audio tracks with folders intact for later recall. Not looking for templates in this instance.

Bump. Any ideas?

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Not sure what you mean exactly but I use export tracks instead of track presets all the time. I have all my drums saved in one track archive, ditto for basses, pianos, guitars, etc. Then just import whatever I need, find it easier than track presets.

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I would like multi-track presets/archives recallable in properly organized folders.

It seems that folders are not part of track presets, or track archives, but that seems like such a weird oversight that I assume I am missing something.

You are not missing anything, this is not doable in Cubase. I was hoping the new “Import From Project” feature would help with that but this is yet another half-baked feature which of course does not support folders, track hierarchies or routing.

A big compromise is to use templates, but there are limitations/compromises here too, plus the bigger the templates, the slower they load in Cubase, and don’t even get me started on the disabled track issues which have been marked as fixed quite a few times now. Templates are great, but we should not have to use them as storage for any possible multi output track routing configuration. At the moment it’s either this or manually reconfigure these over and over and over again.

I would also like to know why it takes Cubase so long to load my templates. Around half a minute to load 3 multi output instruments, around 30 empty tracks and around 15 VSTs.
The exact same template loads in Reaper in literally one second which, along with the issues discussed here plus a whole bunch of other ones, is why I am using Cubase less and less.