Track presets are slow

I love the track presets, and create many myself. But I find they take forever to load. I mean, not the plugins, channels, and instruments, but the actual function. I just seems like the indexing is super slow. I have to wait about 10 seconds before all the presets show up. This happens both when I create a preset, or try to load one.

My computer is no slouch, and only SSD drives.
Is there a way to speed this up?

This is why I prefer to use the track archives rather than the preset tracks from the mediabay
And this only serves as a backup since all my instrument tracks are in my orchestral
and I use PLEs and macros to show or hide the tracks

Yes, I have templates too, but track presets can load the same setup for a specific instrument I have in a template without having to load the entire template when that isn’t necessary. BOTH are really good to have. But rather getting on “what doesn’t work”, I wonder if there is a fix, or update, or solution for this.