Track presets or Track Archives for my drum kit group?

I have a group track and a bunch of drum kit tracks in a drum kit folder.

I tried making and comparing a multi track, Track Preset and a Tracks Archive.

The preset didn’t save the group track or the folder. It just saved the drum kit tracks and it didn’t keep track of the track inputs, it just reset every input to analog 1. :frowning:

The Archive saved the drum kit tracks with their assigned analog inputs just as I hoped. It saved the drum kit group track as well. It just did not save the track folder I was calling “Drum kit”.

The thing about Archive is that I just want to save the drum kit tracks as a track “template” but the dialog seems to be intent on being associated with existing audio files. The export tracks dialog asks me to copy or reference the clips, but there are no clips. The import tracks dialog also asks me about the clips, but I have no clips. I just want to quickly load a set of ready to record tracks that are empty, set for my preferred inputs, and routed to a drum group.

Am I missing something? Is there a better or best way to do this?

Thank You!!!

It is still kludgey compared to other hosts