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I cannot find one simple option in a “Quick Controls” settings. Theres’s some way to automatically load a chosen Quick Control preset with the loaded track? Whenever loading audio,instrument or group channel -can i set cubase for automatically load it with the chosen preset of my Quick Controls? …Cause all the time i must go to quick control setting and select my preset of quick control…It’s not a problem,but it’s taken a time,which i think can be in somehow loaded automatically.

Probably “swings and roundabouts” as regards whether this would in fact end up any faster, but if you Save your track as a Track Preset, then reloading that track from the Track Preset does recall the QC settings.


In the Project window, in the Quick Controls tab (at the same level, as the tab name), there is a “cube” icone. If you click on it, you can Save you Quick Controls preset.

Is this what you are looking for?

Yeah, but after saving a preset in a Quick Control tab- how you can reload it without going again to this tab and choosing this saved preset? I’m asking about possibilities to load any track with already loaded preset as DEFUALT preset for all tracks in a Quick Controls tab!

Hi, you can save this as a Track Preset. The Track Preset also stores Quick Control settings.

The Quick Control settings is always different, by default. I mean, even for the HALion Sonic SE (which is an internal VSTi), there are different Quick Controls for different sounds. It depend on the sound, not on the VSTi.

The whole philosophy is based on the dynamic assignment. It means, it is changing based on selected track, selected instrument, your own assignment to the plug-in, etc. It doesn’t make much sense to keep it always the same. If you want to keep it the same, then you can just sent a common MIDI Controller data, which are not assigned dynamically regarding the context, what Quick Controls do.

Many presets have preset assignments for the QCs and those will appear in the slots if you click the button that recalls them, it looks like “<<” if I remember. However, I find that as I work with a track, I will reassign the Quick Controls frequently depending on what’s needed at the moment. The flexibility of the Quick Controls is one of the features of Cubase I find very enjoyable and useful.

It’s actually faster for me to assign a quick control to a new value than it is for me to recall and load a track preset. Good luck. :slight_smile:

yehheh, i have the almost the same experience with stehpen,

I agree. Quick Controls are also faster than static controls on Mackie Control or in fact also static Automap or other systems. It’s really flexible.

well…Quick Controls -it’s amazing…but… If i have set my controller perfectly for my needs for some commands that i wish to see in the all tracks whenever it is open any track -why there’s no simple option,like for example “set as default preset”.? If i don’t want to load it any time -i can set other default preset in a quick control panel -or in somehow decide to not open a preset and leave as a blank.emty slots…

Because the Quick Comtrols cannot live alone. It has to me always somehow linked with the source, with the device(s) which is controlled. When would you like to load this “default” QC settings? Every time when you Add a new track (this Kind of track)? Every time when you load this Instrument, or load this patch?

Excellent point, Martin. That, to me, and I see some others as well, is what we like about the QC’s. They are “quick.”

Also, the default assignments for many of the QCs are what you’ll want anyway – Volume, Pan, Send Levels, etc. I have to say that the QC’s and the automation of Cubase are very well thought out. The more I learn, the more I like. :slight_smile:

YES -instrument track,audio,ex channel. Every track where is possible to load quick controls

It would be helpful to know what kind of Keyboards you’re working with. How many physical controllers does it have?

I have an Advance 49 and it has limited number of switches and pads, but with the great flexibility of the quick controls, I feel no need to worry about fixed settings. If I want track presets, I have that option as well.

I hope you get things working to your satisfaction. Good luck.


Within this context it should be said, that there is a “Learn” function as well to allocated each an every parameter, which is visible on the screen, to a controller, :wink: - almost…


Look, i’m trying to setup scenario which is actually more than simple. Let’s load a Ni Massive- whenever you load it -in the “quick control” tab- you are always getting the same- 8 macros. It is loaded automaticaly with the Massive vst… So why i cannot see my chosen preset instead of those macros? If i don’t need those 8 “massive” macros-why i cannot set to see those control that i really need? Always i need to go to quick control tab -and chose my preset.Of ourse it is nice to have a lot of different presets in a quick tab-but why this process cannot be automized?

I have a similar question. Let’s take Steinberg’s own Stereo Delay effect.
I always have the same quick controls assigned to this effect.
Every time I add the Stereo Delay to a project I have to go in and load the quick control preset I have saved.
But I would like it to just load automatically with that effect every time I use it.
Is this possible?

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