Track recording issue

Hello, I have latest version of Cubasis, latest of AudioBus and latest of JamUp Pro, I used to be able to record with no issues, but now like 2 updates ago and on the track seems to jump when I record something that takes more than 2 minutes… :imp: I realize this after I finish my recording so I have to restart the whole recording or crop the track into pieces and try to build it from copy/paste for it not to jump which just takes lots of time!! I’ve got to a place where I record in JamUp and then I copy/paste the audio into Cubasis, but what’s the sense in a recording feature then in Cubasis?? that doesn’t happen on JamUp nor in GarageBand, how can that be possible??? it’s a $50 app, not a freebie. I’ve read the forums regarding that, I’ve cleared lots of space in my iPad, I have more than 2Gb available, no other app running in the background and still the same problem.

Just in case I haven’t updated to latest IOS version on my Ipad2, could that be the issue? I’m desperate, can someone please help with something that really helps…??

Thanks in advance!!! :slight_smile:

Hello mcarmona,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with Cubasis.
The next Cubasis update (1.7.2) includes an option to enlarge the audio recording buffer (located in the setup). Please try this option once the update becomes available.
If this doesn’t help please try to update to iOS 7.0.4.