Track rendering appearing UNDER selection

One thing that has frustrated for me for years with Cubase is that when I try to render a part from a given VSTi, it appears at the BOTTOM of the project, after the very last track.

Is there any way there can be an option to have this new track appear JUST BELOW the selection so we don’t have to scroll through 100+ tracks at a time to find the new part, and then DRAG said part BACK to where we want it? I can’t even tell you how much this would increase workflow speed.

Or does this already exist in Cubase? Man, I’d be incredibly embarassed if it does. :blush:

well… prepare to be embarrassed, it does that with the new rendering feature :blush: :wink:

Well… F me. Looks like i’ll hafta read the damn manual a bit.

Did anyone find the solution?