Track & Selected Track - Color scheme changes from C12 to C13

Steinberg has decided to change the way Cubase colorizes and spotlights tracks in C13.

In C12 you could select:
a) to have the “head” of the track colored and the rest completely desaturated
b) to have the entire track colored and determine the color strength of the main part.

See pictures below (less / more / no color):

In addition you can clearly notice the selected track in all scenarios since it’s white.

In C13 this has changed. You can now only select between no saturation or full saturation. The color strength slider is gone and a brightness slider now affects the selected track.

As you can see, this leaves you with the choice between a fully desaturated look or… a circus. What makes matters worse is that the selected track is now considerably less visible. Even if you max out the brightness (last pic above) it’s still less bright than C12’s default (see comparison below), and on top of that many buttons fade into it because they adopt the brightness and have a white font.

I’m trying to figure out why has this change occurred. I honestly don’t know if people with impaired visibility had issues with C12 but I can’t believe in earnest that this is the change that addresses them. It seems to me that every choice made here is in the wrong direction…

I always thought that the Color Strength slider was one of Cubase’s strongest look customization assets and can’t understand why we were striped away from the option. I really wish Stenberg considers going back—and while they’re at it, perhaps they can restore the CLASSIC font on the Solo, Mute, etc. buttons which was absolutely elegant and unique.

I hope I don’t need to clarify that I love Cubase etc. etc. Been using it since Cubase 5 VST ffs. And I’m not against change, if anything I would like to see a full on graphic overhaul that will make it actually modern (see how great Davinci Resolve looks for example). I just don’t see how this particular update is a visual step forwards…


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