Track Selection focus Track Events in Key Editor

Is it not possible to select events from the key editor other than to manually mouse over and select them in the project?

If i have focus in the project window and use up and down arrow to change tracks the events gets automatically selected… but if i use cc commands to change tracks then the events are not selected with it… How come? Can i change it? Can i force it? Macro?

Finding it awkward having to jump back and forth between monitors to chose events, Is it not possible to focus the event by selecting the track?

Any workarounds for this or can i setup a key command for it?

It’s the pref Editing>Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Selecting tracks Only- and it has a corresponding key command available.

steve, can u explain me how i would go about that while being in Key Editor?
I’m not sure i understand you.

The preference corresponds to up and down arrow keys while focus in the project window right? I can’t execute those commands from the key editor can i?

Track next/prev is Alt+Down and Alt+Up

To select events you have to be in the Project page, yes, but you can do it form the keyboard of course.

Maybe a macro starting with Project>Bring to Front?

that’s what i like! :slight_smile: hack the setup to make it work as u envision it.
had no idea about that command, should work as a workaround,
thanks buddy.

the shortcoming is that there has to be an event on the track or the macro wont work but i’m just happy i dont have to focus back and forth between project and key editor. If there was an option in preferences Track selection selects events on the track that would be perfect.

How about you insert a “Select All on Track” in the macro then? :wink:

perfect man, put on the Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Selecting Tracks only and the macro selects all events and works on tracks without any events.

I see what i can do here now, doesn’t really matter how its set up, can probably macro about anything and get it on a key… need more keys :slight_smile:
thanks man

Exactly! :mrgreen:

And that’s when you start window shopping for things like Metagrid.

just looking at macro keyboards, i think lemur\tablet but i want something with feel around the keys so i don’t have to look down on it… maybe like a razer orbweaver or something.