Track selection issue (Mix console\Arranger window).

Same issues here, is this anywhere confirmed by Steinberg, this is REALLY a big workflow stopper, to continuously check witch track is selected or not.

9.5.20 and still, this issue. It’s truly dangerous to me when mixing big projects.

SAME HERE. I recently ruined a mix because levels have changed increasingly.

Same here. I don’t know if it’s related but when I use a key shortcut (that I defined) to activate write / read automation mode on a selected track, it activates sometimes for other tracks too (unselected).
I made a post for this issue.

same here…

Just screw up the project badly :frowning:(((((
It disturbs every day but this time it went too far :frowning:

A after Musikmesse bumpy bumpy.
IT IS ALMOST 5 MONTHS since the start of this thread…
no awnser AT ALL.(from steinberg)
Please confirm… better… FIX IT

Support… Please

I cannot believe this, why is there no official reply on this.
This is really serious bug, that can ^$%#-up a mix realy bad if “link” is selected.
this bug have been introduced with 9.5
This thread is already since 18-november 2017,
I also made a “support” request 44 DAYS AGO, and NO reply at all,
i realy dont know what they are supporting, but it is not costumers.
Here is a video. to replicate see first post.



For new projects yes, but the "bug "has been saved in all the project files that are saved in pre 9.5.30 (started with 9.5)
How is that for you?
Well thats what im facing. (could try backup project)

backup project thit not work…

open in 9… saved again and open in 9.5… thit also not work

damn it,
you’re right Tsjah :frowning:
same behavior here
well… at least the new projects will not suffer.
I tried to resave, didn’t work

Project templates are screwed as well, not only projects. Many of those templates were saved long time ago, under ver 8 probably

I found a trick…
But only for projects with max 8 insert slots used (on the firt 8 inserts)
have to investigate more details about inserts, but this worked.

Do a “backup project” in 9.5.30
Open the project in 9.0.30, then just “save as” different name.
Open the file in 9.5.30, and the bug is gone

The need to open in 9.0.30 and re-save is there (open backup project direct in 9.5.30 has the same bug)
But i’m not sure if backup project was needed, i had the backup project so i’ve tried it with that one. (have to investigate more for more details, but no time now)

Just created an entirely new project in 9.5.30. I’m still having the same issue…

yes, the issue can not be considered as solved.

I finaly have a confirmation of the “real” excintance of the bug, and that it is not completely fixed in the latest update.
First confirmationtion since the release of 9.5… thats nearly 7 months, for a bug like this… oops :frowning:
“There is currently no clear solution to offer, sorry, except that you continue to re-save affected Cubase 9.5 project in Cubase 9.0.30 and can manage the differences of Insert Slot count along the way.”

Double oops :frowning: :frowning:

Just once again screwed up the project. :frowning:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

I really cannot believe that there aren’t any other users suffering from this.
This is bugging me every time i get to the projects that had to Finished months ago…
That were all saved in the “bug time” and i cannot seem to get rid of the bug in these projects. (18 songs, private project)
it gets me out of my “mix mood” every time :cry:
i hope this gets ever sorted…

Please acknowledge and get this fixed, Steinberg. Come on, seriously.

One more project screwed.