Track selection issue (Mix console\Arranger window).

01 Create two tracks.
02 Move one of them into Collapsed folder.
03 Open mix console, or lower zone mix console.
04 On the mix console choose folded track
05 On the arranger window click on unfolded track
result: both tracks are being selected as if I were holding CTRL button.

Cubase 9.5.0
Windows x64 1709

can anyone check it out please?

I can confirm.
If you select a channel of a track which is inside of a closed folder and than select another track both are selected.
Normally the track inside the folder should automatically deselected.

Thank you for checking, @Ram242 !

I hope it’ll be fixed in the next incremental update.

This issue has not been fixed in 9.5.10
please, Steinberg, it’s a complete show stopper, critical bug. So many times I ruined my mixes by adjusting wrong tracks when Q-Link in enabled.
Don’t put it in the “we’ll fix it in two years” list

It seems that this is the same “virus” in code as in my issue described -

Confirmed again.

This is a bit of a dangerous one because if you have Q-Link enabled it’s easy to accidentally edit a channel that you did not expect to be selected.

Hopefully will be fixed soon.

I also confirm this issue, I made a few mistake when using Q-link that I don’t know why.
After that I figure out this problem with track selection.

Confirmed with 9.5.1.
Video was helpful.

Confirmed here. The only workaround is to not select tracks in the mixer. Please fix asap

Confirm oSX Sierra Cubase Pro 9.5.1

I’m afraid I have to confirm as well.
Saw this issue before here in the forum, didn’t think much of it. Now, in the middle of a few sessions, I can see how it messes with the tracks bad, especially at mixing stage. Please, Steinberg, let us know you’re aware and fixing! thanks

This 9.5.0 and 9.5.10 are such a mess…
3 months now and plenty of critical bugs introduced (mix console history, selection, automation, graphical and so many others)…

9.5.20 issue still here



hi @Detch ,
was this ever faulted with SB, i.e. to be more specific did SB issue an official BUG/CASE # ?


Hi @Stefk
I haven’t seen this bug in the known issues or anywhere else. But Mathias on another thread mentioned that he passed this bug to dev team and they donna look into it. But he said he don’t know when it’s gonna be fixed. So maybe it’ll be faster if we’ll be making more noise about it.

I’m having the same issue here. Really annoying because I’m editing two tracks without knowing…!!!

Regards, Thomas