Track send color

Good morning everyone, to have faster work and greater visibility of the send effects applied to the tracks, I suggest the possibility of coloring the 8 sends with different colors or inserting a small box like a notepad with the numbers from 1 to 8 and when you insert an effect into the slot the corresponding number lights up. So that when you use two instances of the same plugin set differently (for example on the vocal track and on the guitar track) you can quickly understand which one refers to the vocal track and which one refers to the guitar one. Thank you and good day.

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The colours are already used to differ between the pre- and post-fader setting.

The sends refer to the name you give to the FX track.
And there are more than 8 FX tracks possible. You have a limit of 8 sends per channel.

Maybe there are other ideas possible to avoid confusion…


Pink is post fader, green is pre fader.
I set these colours because it matches to some consoles I own.

Yes, the idea of ​​renaming the effect is a good solution, but in my way of working I prefer to display the name of the inserted plugin.

I like what they did to the sends in the Mix Consoles in Cubase 13. Wish there was a bit more contrast though.

(Cubase 12 for comparison)