Track solo/mute/group question

I have a playalong arrangement that aligns a number of different tempi/grooves along the timeline, vertically stacked are the according drum tracks, the live input channels (for playing along) and a number of (mutually incompatible) comping tracks, each representing different chord changes. What I need to do is always activate one of those comping tracks, while muting all the others, and without affecting the status of the drum and playalong channels.
The way I am doing it now is quite convoluted, need to scroll vertically through the comp changes tacks and mute one, then unmute another. Is there a way to group these channels, sort of like a mute group of its own, to solo one track with one click and thus automatically mute the others? “Solo” doesn’t work here obviously, since it would also mute my drums and input tracks.

I did make a macro that does the muting/unmuting while scrolling, but I’d prefer to select the comp track quicker (one click), without scrolling, as there a quite a few different comp tracks stacked. Thanks.

I prematurely jubilated when I thought of the “divide track list” function, hoping that soloing of tracks could go on in both list halves, independently. Alas that is not the case. Any other ideas maybe? My other hope, a parent Folder track to include all tracks I want to toggle, doesn’t work either- soloing within the folder affects all other tracks outside, as well.