Track specific "latency" problem?

From time to time I get this behavior from Cubase 7. Suddenly any given instrument track will have a rather large latency. But it’s not the whole project, that’s affected, just one or some of the tracks.

Just now I was working with Retrologue on an instrument track in a rather large project with all sorts of tracks.
While tweaking a sound suddenly the latency went up by a lot. When I press a key on my midi keyboard (or if I use the internal keyboard by hitting ALT + K) there’s somewhat near 30 or perhaps even 50 ms before any sound comes (could be more, I’m just guessing). but when I play back the project, the track is affected by this latency.

If I dublicate the track, I get the same behavior on the new track as on the old one. If I create a new instrument track there’s no problem at all. Right now I have two instrument tracks, both using Retrologue as the instrument, and both sporting the default saw wave that’s preloaded when opening the plugin. If both tracks are armed and I hit a key I will hear two notes in quick succesion, one form the new track, with no audible latency and then one from the old instrument track with the latency. This has happened quite a lot recently, and it’s happened with different plugins, so far I recall Retrologue, HALion Sonic SE and Kontakt 5. I’ve tried unloading the instrument and reloading it, but there’s still the latency problem.

Has anyone else had this same problem? It’s really anoying, since I havent found any way to fix it except doing a “manual” track dublication, and THAT takes too much time.


This looks like a weird behavior. I’d suggest you bring it up in issues forum.


could you please send me the project file affected to info(at)steinberg(dot)de for testing?