Track types and related requests

1- Tempo track: I know that 99% of songs doesn´t have tempo changes but if there is a metronome feature how will it handle tempo changes in a middle of a song if there is no tempo track?
2- Please add marker track and the possibility to add cycle markers
3- Why can´t see lyrics in Lyric track in Tracks view?
4- Chord track in Tracks view is not showing the correct chord and position set in Chord view:i.e. I set a “D+7” at bar 1 in chord view and in Tracks view I see a “C” in any other position.
5- Please add “divide track list” option to Tracks view

Thanks for taking note, I appreciate the efford


  1. We have added Tempo Track to our Feature Request List
  2. What do you miss from the Marker Track. Double Click to a Cycle Marker Event and the Cycle range will be updated?
  3. I don’t unterstand? The Lyrics events should be visible in the lyrics track. Do you have more infos, pelisse?
  4. We’ll check
  5. Why do you need that for a live tool? Just curious …


For me the best workspace for live performance is:
Set list - Tracks view - Mixer
All in the same screen. The actual configuration let me set it that way (set list to the left, Tracks in the center, mixer in lower zone) though it would be great to be able to resize zones more freely.
This is why I want to see audio, midi, lyrics, chords and marker track in same window. (in Tracks view)
This also answers why “divide track list” option is useful.
Maybe it´s just me but I really can´t image needing another layout. :smiley:
Maybe also integrating layers and stacks to the right zone would be great too.
All these suggestions point to
1- Having all needed views in one workspace. (oh, Workspaces would be welcome too!)
2- Providing flexibility to users (to suit thousands of users with different needs)

I´m sure that´s your goal and I know this is all implemented in Cubase so it shouldn´t be so hard to add it to VL (sorry if this assumption is incorrect).

Will have configurable workspace/layout later.
Assumption is wrong, sorry, different product :slight_smile:

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