Track Versions for Automation Tracks

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a request like this before a while back, but I just wanted to re-iterate it. Having multiple automation versions would be so helpful!


Agreed, I gave this 50 points in the recent poll, would be awesome.



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Yes! +1
The question is…

  1. That each parameter (e.g., volume, sends, cutoff, etc) have its own versions?
  2. That each track version have its own automation?
  3. Hybrid. Where you can link parameter versions to different track versions.

Implementation, as always would be critical! This could get really hairy, really quick if not done right. But I’m all for it!
What are your thoughts?

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Good point. I think it would be best to have each parameter get it’s own version. That way you can easily mix and match different saved parameters. And if you want to create a new track version with completely new everything, you could just highlight all the lanes and select new version.