Track versions not ARA compatable BUG

It seems if you have a track version with Melodyne on it and you DON’T have it activated when you save, it doesn’t recall your edits…

  1. Open new project
  2. Add some audio (Import or recorded)
  3. Add Melodyne as extension
  4. Make some edits in Melodyne
  5. Duplicate track version
  6. Bounce duplicate
  7. save, close and reopen.
  8. Change track version back to melodyne (v1)
  9. Edits are gone

This is frustrating because I would like to be able to edit a version and bounce but STILL have my edited version to call on again down the road.

I suppose you could duplicate the track and hide/disable it but then what are the versions good for then?

Yes, this is a serious bug I think, let’s hope it’s corrected in the next release!! It applies to any ARA extension not just Melodyne. Seems that it reverts to an unedited ARA version, yes, all edits lost/gone and when you open it then the extension is reapplied or reanalysed. Very inconvenient for me as well.



This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

After losing hours of editing on multiple occasions for reasons i didn’t understand, i blamed incomplete/faulty understanding of the process.

Since then i basically start a new project and render everything almost immediately.

Thanks for pointing this out, @Five18Studios and @GargoyleStudio .

Thanks also for pointing out that it was a known issue, @Martin.Jirsak .

Was there any way I could have known that before spending all that time trying to fix something unfixable?