Track Visibility config.: FILTER TRACK TYPES: "Other tracks" has far too many categories hidden under it

For a future version of Cubase - please seperate out some of the track types hidden under the "“other tracks” option.

it would be better to have a seperate check box for
1 ) MixConsole Audio fader tracks
2) Signature
3) Tempo
4) Markers
5) Chord.

Although I would be ok with 2-5 being shared by a single check box. But to have all the mixer faders suddenly appear/disappear when all I want to show ( for some filter configuration ) is those ones ( which are typically displayed at the very top and separated by a split control.) is just tiresome and error prone.

Also - its time we had a dialog box in which to edit these track visibility configurations. Its all a bit unwieldy at the moment.


I want to be able to assign these individual track types to key commands/macros that I can trigger with METAgrid and the like