Track Visibility Configurations in Project Window (Not MixConsole) - Are My Expectations Off?

Hi all!
I am trying to change track visibility configurations in the project window and started with something I thought would be very simple - one configuration with all folders closed and a second with all folders opened - to get started. Here is what I did:

  • I closed all folders so they, the marker track, the arranger track and the chord track were all that was visible in the project window.
  • I selected “Add Configuration” from the drop down and named it “Folders:”
  • Then I opened all the folders
  • I selected “Add Configuration” from the drop down again and named it “All Tracks:”
  • I see 2 configurations as expected in the drop down now
  • However, nothing changes between the views as I use the drop down menu to select between configuration 1 or 2

I have configurations working exactly the way I want them to in the MixConsole so I am comfortable with the concept there, but it’s not working at all as I would expect in the project window. So I feel like a) it’s operator headspace on my part b) my expectations are misaligned with what it does and/or c) there is some other kind of issue.

Also, to the extent I find answers when I have googled this topic and also looked here in the forum, they are related to configurations in the MixConsole, but I am specifically trying to untangle the configurations in the project window.

Note I have also tried to save other kinds of configurations in the project window (e.g., removing the chord track from one configuration but keeping it another) and that doesn’t affect any change on the view in the project window as I select different configurations from the drop down either.

Please let me know if you see what I am doing wrong and/or have any other ideas. Thanks!

Visibility Configurations are intended to change the visibility of channels in the MixConsole, so they only affect audio-related channels.

This means they don’t track the state of whether folders are open or closed, nor the visibility of Marker/Arranger tracks, etc. You’re probably best off handling project-wide changes to these with Project Logical Editor presets (with key commands assigned to them).

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^ What @paka said.

Opened or closed folder is a property of the folder track. The visibility configuration doesn’t care about that, it can only hide or show the folder track itself, as a track (and by extension all the tracks it contains).

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Thank you both for the explanations. I will definitely put time into making a few commands with the logical editor to see what I can come up with. My intention was to have a way to quickly switch back and forth between views in the project window because there are details I like to see when I am working there but also want to be able to strip the view down to minimize distractions to others when I am showing them things.

I would definitely like the ability to have configurable/recallable capability related to the visual state of the project window (e.g., open/closed folders, toggling certain tracks like chord track on/off, etc.) but I understand it may be a limited use case.

In any event, thank you so much for the quick and helpful responses!

You can do all of that with the PLE. Let me see if I can find a couple of useful presets and I’ll be back.

Toggle Chord Track Visibility
You can tweak it so that you hide whatever type of track you want, maybe all utility tracks together? Assign this Project Logical Preset to a key command and you’re set.

Close All Folders except the selected one(s)
If you work with folders usually open, you can use this to close all those other open ones that get in the way.

Open Only Selected Folder(s), close all others

and the post-process command

On the other hand, if you work with folders usually closed and only open the ones you need to work on at the moment, you can use this.

You can also use none of them, and experiment with the PLE to make presets that are exactly tailored to your needs. :+1:t3:


Thanks G! I am conceptually familiar with the PLE and have done programming scripts in past lives so can see where you are headed. I think I need to learn a bit more to grok/apply it and, in the meantime, very much appreciate you taking time to help this way.

Thanks again!

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You might find this useful

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