Track Volume Fine Adjust?

How does one do fine adjustments on tracks, using the faders below? I can’t seem to make my mouse stop at any value closer to 0 than -.08 or +.06. 0dB is never an option. Likewise I cannot seem to double click to open a text entry dialog.

The problem is, now that I’ve moved it, I can’t get it back.

On most mac applications, control-click while dragging allows you to move in finer increments. Another mac convention is double-click or opt-click to return something to it’s default (or 0) value. WL7 seems to ignore this (and many other) mac Human Interface Guidelines, as if they don’t exist. I’ve tried control, option, command, and shift, clicked and dragged, none seem to allow finer adjustment or return to 0.

There has to be something better than mouse-and-guess, right? What am I missing? Is there a WL convention that replaces control-drag or opt-drag?

There is no finer control here. Something to add I think. If you need finer control, use the Leveller plugin as a track effect, for the time being.

Wasn’t there a way in WL6 to get them back to 0 dB by double-clicking on the small sliders? (Sorry, not at studio right now)

Luck, Arjan

Yes, at least in Essential6, Ctrl+click for both channels, Ctrl+right-click for independent L or R return to “0 dB”.
Same controls for Elements to get the faders to “0dB”.

Anyway for a finer control, expanding in vertical the track window to the max improves the precision a little.

Phew… command-control double click seems to restore to default!

So this gets beyond the immediate crisis. But it would be more than useful for the app to follow conventions of the respective platforms.

Philippe, I would like to request that control-drag of any control or parameter would go to “fine adjust” mode, and let us incrementally change things without having to resize windows or jump through magic hoops. Basic stuff, no good reason to ignore Apples Human Interface Guidelines here. What we have now is fine for a first draft on the mac, but adopting standards of OSX is a logical, desirable step for WL7.

Secondarily, I’d like to request double-click on a control (or some other key combo) allow us to type/enter numeric values directly.



I agree to have the control-drag fine adjust - but only if this is not against Windows GUI rules (sounds like it isn’t). I strongly disagree to applying Apple rules to a two-platform program. Wavelab has always been a Windows program, and I have no use whatsoever for typical Mac-only GUI stuff applied to the program. Especially since I’m still on Windows and will stay there… :sunglasses:

Yep, as it is in various other places in WL.

Luck, Arjan

We’re not in disagreement Arjan - I just think it’s ideal for an app to follow platform conventions in respective versions. If there’s a functional block, or alternate application for some feature unique to WL, by all means do what’s common. But in terms of interacting with the box, differences are going to get greater in the near term. We agree there’s no reason for you to be bothered with functionality that doesn’t exist and is prohibited by patent on Windows. As gestural support on macs gets more powerful and pervasive, there will be many new, unique ways to interact with on-screen data that must be supported in any mac app to survive in the market. As long as WL supports what the OS provides, there’s no conflict. I accept this cuts both ways - cool things on the PC may be unavailable to us in Mac OSX (ASIO is pretty dead here, but quite useful in PC world). Thats why differences exist!


There is no standard that I know on the Mac about this. But this is common. This is even found on some Windows software. Actually, I did that on the Atari too 20 years ago :wink:

This being said, I haven’t decided yet what solution to adopt to get a finer editing.
Actually, I’m not so found of the above solution, because it feels a bit strange (the “mouse” not moving at its normal rate). I would favour the mouse wheel + Control.

On Windows,using the mouse wheel, works well on the master volume. Why not the same on Track volume?
Holding in the mouse wheel and moving the mouse, separates control for either left or right channels on the Track volume… why not the same on Master Volume?
Keeping both Track and Master control, the same, is the most intuitive.

+1 for Donx, it is my thought as well.

With 7.01, the mouse wheel can be used on the Track faders as on the Master Section faders.

Totally agree (You created it!) but with different behaviour and resolution… (even ants cough sometimes :smiley: )

Control or Shift mouse wheel for fine motion is ideal.

+1 for ctrl+mouse wheel for fine adjustments.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make track level adjustments also visible in the wave form like it is for clip volume? I find it helpful for a quick overview and this would also be helpful if track volume has been changed by mistake.

I would also like this (the waveform adjustment, that is) - not least, it gives a clear and obvious warning when clipping is being approached.


But what if one doesn’t have a mouse wheel?