Track Volume Simple Question

Hey everyone,
I’m a rookie at recording/editing/mixing so i need some help. i’ve learned that when recording anything, the input decibel level shouldn’t exceed -6. except when i do that, my final product obviously comes out extremely quiet! i mean i have to crank my computer volume all the way up just to hear it properly! what am i doing wrong??? thanks!

Probably nothing.

What are you recording?

What is your “final product”?

i’m recording guitar and vocals. by final product i mean that when i convert it to mp3 and play it in itunes for example, my music is significantly more quite than any professional (or even amateur) music

There has probably been a lot more processing done to the tracks you are comparing yours to. It isn’t easy to achieve a polished, professional sound.

Post a link to one of your songs in the Made with Steinberg forum. You might get some valuable feedback.