Track vs. Rack instruments

Just installed c7.5 - up to now all seems to be fine - no problems.
I tried out the new track and rack features and understand the difference between them both but not the purpose at all.

I use just vst synths with one or more output channels. So at soon as the synth has more then two outputs in c7 i was driven to define a vst-instrument (F11) with two Outputs. Then i defined two midi channels and linked them to the outputs. The bad thing on that is that there is no link between midi channel (track view) and vst output channel (mixer). I only use the vst putputs to mix (no midi channels). To keep the order of midi channels and corresponding vst channels i have to move the channels manually in both views.

With the Instrument channel its easier cause i get the midi Information (track view) and the same channel in the mixer (mixer view). But in c7 an Instrument is definied by one output to one midi channel.

In C7.5 i can define more then one output to an instrument but the instrument itself still is linked to one midi channel. Yes i can link more midi channels (not instrument channels) to the instrument outputs but thats just the same as the link to the rack (VST) instrument.

So at the end of the day i don’t see any advantage or do i see something wrong ?