Track width lock

Hey all! I’m wondering if it’s possible to set the width of a specific track and then lock it so that track is always that specific width, regardless of the other tracks? e.g. I want to always see my loudness track at 4 rows width but I usually have my audio and other tracks at 2 rows width. Looked through the manual, didn’t notice anything like this. Thanks!

@MonsterSP not sure if this works with your workflow and how you like to set up your projects, but I always have my Loudness track in the top “section” of the project window. With it up there, it is unaffected by vertical zoom in the lower “section”. It always stays this width.

(loudness track in Green)

Thank you, that is my current workflow, just wondering if I was missing something. Sometimes I want a few tracks I’m working on to lock to a different width and it would be easier if I didn’t have to move them up.