Track window follow cursor movement (even when not playing)

I set up a couple of key commands for moving the cursor forward and backward by bar. When I use those keys I’d like the screen to follow where the cursor goes. Right now I have to press play to see the current cursor position.

Is there a setting for this?

I think that you should activate the Auto-scroll function, available in the arrange window toolbar (see in the Set-up Toolbar drop down list, in the upper right of this window, if it isn’t).

I should have mentioned that, yes, Auto scroll is activated. It works when cubase is playing. Also, when I drag the cursor with the mouse, the screen follows it. It’s only when I use my key commands (which is my preferred method) to move the cursor that the screen does not follow.

It does follow here, when the Auto-scroll function is activated, but doesn’t when not. I have tested all this few hours ago, using an <Alt+Shift+R> key combination with the Nudge +1 Bar command…

I made a screen recording of the behavior. First moving the cursor with the Nudge +1 Bar command and then dragging it with the mouse.

Rather speechless… Beside stating that, with apparently the same settings, I have no issue, here (I have just tested it again) : the display follows the cursor motions, using my <Alt+Shift+R> keys combination. I could make a video of it, but I’m not really at ease with any video post.

Maybe there is an obscure preferences setting somewhere that could explains the display behavior on your end, but which one ? :thinking:

Yeah strange. I appreciate the help, though. It must have something to do with the PLAY function since the command keys DO follow the window while the file is playing. Just not when it is stopped.

For now it remains a mystery…