Track window won't scroll beyond 100 bars

See here:

Events continue beyond bar 100, but the scroll bar is stuck at its right-hand extent and won’t allow me to see any further.


Change the Project length on the Setup Project Shift + S window, please.

I don’t have project “length” visible; I have project “duration”, and at ten minutes that should be more than enough.

Update: I changed the tempo (having previously lengthened events & changed time sig), and 100+ is now visible


Sorry, I wasn’t with Cubase.

It’s the Project Duration.

Yes, thanks. I didn’t realize Cubase set up a project duration. I always assumed it was open-world free-roam. Now I understand, the tempo change did the trick.


If you are recording, the duration extends once you are close to the limit. But this is not the case if you are just editing.