Track zoom flying all over the place?

When you are armed on a track and you zoom in vertically, why does the arrange page fly off around the place everywhere except the track where you are working?

I know there is ‘track zoom’ and I use that aswell, but there are other purposes to zoom in vertically when you have 16 folder tracks to a VST instrument and a couple lanes you have to follow, so you want to zoom the whole project.

Or is there a “zoom-vertically-but-stays-on-the-right-track” option that i havn’t found?

Cubase zooms from center of screen, in fact. Or if you are on most top, or most last track, it stays here, and zoom other tracks. So, if your track is in the middle of the screen, you will see it after zooming too.

I’m pressing up and down arrows, after zooming. This will select one upper track, and back the track, I have selected before, and I can see the track.

Nope. Doesn’t work like that. And I wish it did.

Look at my screen grabs that show 3 different levels of zoom.

First pic is the track I am working on. You can see the track (Woodwinds 3) is highlighted.
2nd pic is one step zoomed out.
3rd pic is one step zoomed in.

Neither of the 2nd or 3rd zoomed states are showing the track I am actually working on.

I am aware if you are zooming “Track Only”, then it keeps that track in the centre of the screen, but that doesn’t help when you need to zoom out all track for overview.
Pic 1.png
Pic 2.png
Pic 3.png

So I loose precious time in my train of thought when Im all of a sudden lost and have to scroll to find where I was working at.

I appreciate any assistance you may have on this to help me figure it out! I have had only great success on these boards! :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange, I’m doing this on Mac, and Cubase 7.0.2, same as you, too. It should be exactly the same…

I did import the Logic key commands and have been making my own all over the place, so maybe I screwed something up there.

Weird though. It should be that where ever you are working at (track highlighted), should stay centre screen regardless of zoom level.

Alexander, you are absolutely right and I am angry about this too. I also loose time and concentration always searching for my track. I am doing orchestral stuff now so tracknumber begins to grow.Cubase should take the chosen track as center for zooming and keep it inthe middle of the screen but it doesn´t. In horizontal zooming this works flawlessly as it should and I notice the difference each and every time I zoom in.

@sidfrancis: Exactly! The horizontal zoom works the way I am trying to describe the way vertical zoom should be.

Can someone in charge here post this in an upcoming update request page or something?

BTW This feature was added in 7.0.4.

Wrong. Cubase zooms centered upon the location cursor. If you are at measure 56, then that is your zoom center.

He was talking about vertical, not horizontal. (right or wrong…)