Tracking 2 sources at once. Is this possible?

I want to know if I can have a Bassist & Drummer in the studio and track the guitarist with them remotely and I would like the guitarist to be able to talk with the bassist and drummer as well as hear their parts while playing. Is this possible? Do I have to do anything different in the routing to make this work?

Jamming is not possible with VST Connect.
You may use the “Rehearse” button to coach the Performer, then Remote latency compensation is off. But you cannot hear or record Performer in sync then.

But I could track a bassist and drummer remotely as long asthey were both in the same locaton, right?

Sure, the conenction just sends/receives a stereo signal. The Performer side can mix whatever it wants to that…or did you mean something different?

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Yes, that’s what I meant. But that’s why I don’t understand why I can’t do the configuration I originally questioned. It’s still just a single performer to studio connection. It’s just mltiple sources of signal from either side.

Ex: I’m running a drum replacement session. The drummer is sending me 16 lines from his side and he’s listening to a MIDI file with the MIDI drums removed. I can track and print the results.

Now in the other scenario, the drummer is here live, instead of MIDI and the guitarist is remote only sending 3 lines (Amp Direct, Amp Mic & Vocal Mic). I don’t understand why I couldn’t do a session that way. What’s the difference in the set up? It’s still point A to Point B.

You can, however the Performer cannot hear the drummer in the Studio, that would be jamming.

In theory, you could record an entire band that way. Studio sends metronome or other basic track. Drummer plays to that and sends to bass player, bass player hears drummer and metro and plays to guitar player…and so on, until the last signal gets back to studio, so studio can record the entire band. That is not possible with VST Connect, but in theory, it could work.

However, drummer can never hear the other players, bass player can only hear the drummer and not the guitar player etc. It is one way. So in your scenarioo yes, that should work, but Performer can not hear whatever happens in the studio.

When studio hits the start button, nothing happens for a second or so (Remote Latency setting). During that time, playback is already running internally, but inaudible to studio, but sent to Performer in the background. That takes about half of the remote latency time (1/2 second in our example).

Performer does his stuff and sends back to studio, and there is another 1/2 second time to buffer for the Studio. Now studio listening starts (1 second after hitting play), and can play back Performer in sync to its playback (and own performance).

But the studio performance is 1 second late in relation to Performer, so if we were to send the realtime (not pre-buffered playback) back to the Performer, it would be a second late, not exactly something Performer would want to deal with.

Hope that explains it…yes, it is one connection, but it consists of two one-way connections, which are never in sync.

Online Jamming tools try the best to keep this delay small, VST Connect does not, it is for recording the Performer only.


That was an excellent explanation. I completely understand the issue now. Thanks.

So EVERYBODY has to be on the performer side, right? I could record all 3 (Drums, Bass and Guitar) if they are together in the same studio space, correct?


Hi - just been looking at an interesting new product, in a similar vein to VST Connect, called ‘Fader Hub’ from Blue Cat Audio. Features list says it can connect 8 musicians (more by adding more plugins). Unsure if that implies they can all be at 8 separate locations mind… Also, don’t know if this means any ‘live jamming’ is possible using it… quite likely to face similar limitation(s) as VST Connect, that @musicullum talks about above…

Anyway, demos available, standalone app and plugin. More info here…
Blue Cat’s Fader Hub - Network Mixing & Streaming Console (

(BTW - I’ve no affiliation at all with Blue Cat Audio)

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