Tracking Headphones for Vox

Hi -

I’ve got a pair of decent headphones I use for mixing, but I’ve heard a little leakage when tracking vox.

You folks that have used cans specifically for tracking (i.e., low leakage into the mic), can you recommend any to take a look at, vs. avoid?

Thanks much in advance!

Full enclosed will give the lowest leakage.

And even less with the phones´ Volume all the way down…

Thanks for the replies.

Anyone use the Beyer DT 100, DT 150, or Sennheiser HD 215? I’ve read nice things about all of them. Went to Sam Ash last night, they don’t carry any of these models. I understand their frequency responses are not great, i.e., wouldn’t want to use them for mixing, but combined with very good isolation they work well for overdubbing …?

I have both DT100’s and DT150’s they are fine, not great bass response or overall sound but that’s probably a good thing for vocals, they are very good for isolation and spare parts are easy to come by, oh and are fairly indestructible

Plenty of alternatives though.

No bleed into the mic? … that’s great, which model earbuds are you using?

Thanks for that SteveFogal and others.

I’m going to be asking other singers to come in and lay down some tracks for me, so I decided to go for “looks” as well as functionality like those ear buds. I just ordered a pair of Senn HD 215s. Not too expensive (under a C note), good rep, look cool enough. Can’t wait for them to come in!

HD 215’s are OK. I have those. They have hyped low-end, though. But that makes them good ones for also checking your mix if you want the mix translate well to my-crappy-subwoofer-produces-more-boom-boom-than-yours systems. But while tracking vocals I use HD25’s, instead.

I dont know about the DT100’s or the 150’s. I use DT-770’s for vocal tracking. Very hardy, sound good (IMHO and what my clients have said), you can still get parts for them (like when the padding starts to turn yellow :frowning: just order a new set). I think the DT-150’s cost about the same as the 770’s.