Tracking in C6

Is there a way to open a new version of a track for recording multiple takes of the same instrument? Not sure if my wording is clear or not. Lets say i record 1 take of a guitar, I like the take but want to record a new one as well without creating a completely new track. Is there a way to hide the original take, record a new take and then cycle through the takes as i would in cycle record mode? Should i just record over the original take and will it then allow me to scroll through the takes?

Also, while im at it, in C5 i was able to right click on an event and cycle through the different takes as well as being able to select different things like audio processing and such. In C6 right clicking an event only allows me to select different tools (pencil, slice, etc). Is there a preference setting that im missing?

I think “Lanes” is the term you need to look up in the manual. The manual would be less confusing than my explanation.

Do you want to do this?
For sure in the manual there is a section talking about it. :wink:
I think if i m not wrong that on the transport pannel on the left side ther is a switch for recording in cycle and create lanes.

Thanks guys! Lanes are essentially what i was referring to. I just didnt know if there was a way to “create new lane” without just recording over a previously recorded take. This makes sense though and is essentially what i was asking. Right clicking an event does still not open the same parameter options as it used to though.

Check in the preferences for ‘pop-up toolbox on right-click’ and uncheck it, maybe… or, you could CTRL+right-click to get the menu options you’re expecting (i think).