Tracking Number

Hello Folks,

I see some people are starting to get the’ir copies of C6 delivered. I ordered mine last week when it was announced and got a confirmation email with an order number and a message saying the carrier would email a tracking number.

So far, I have still not received a tracking number and I do not know who the carrier is to contact!!!
It’s looking ominous!!!

Anyone else in this position still?


I just got an email advising me of my rights to cancel etc etc

Nothing as courteous as saying when someone would be in touch, unless its buried in the small print

Yes, I got that email too. But I also got an email last week as soon as I upgraded stating my order number and I’d bought the upgrade. On this email, it states:

‘When your order has been shipped by our logistics partner, you will receive a separate email (shipment notification) with the tracking code from DHL or UPS. With the tracking code you can find out about the actual whereabouts of your order via the DHL or UPS website.’

So, I’m guessing that because I’ve not received anything from either of the carriers mentioned, the order has been ‘lost in process’.

The nightmare begins!

Nah, relax. I remember when I got C5 I was shocked as I was still waiting on the tracking number. Carrier was DHL so maybe DHL are not issuing tracking numbers fast enough…

Similar position here, this am went to the shop page and there’s no record of my order on my account, even though I have the email confirming my order with the order number etc. I’ve contacted the shop to ask what gives! :unamused:

I know they’ve been for payment, so something is happening

But I seem way behind you Guys and I ordered on the day of announcement,

Demand seems very high!!

Rightly so I think,

Just want mine Ha Ha :smiley:

Yes. Just about everyone is. Relax! They said they’d notify you when it was sent. They will.

You don’t understand - I need it now so I can be a Rock ‘n’ Loop Mash star’.