tracking score versions/revisions - need ideas

while I’m barraging the community with questions just thought I’d ask this:

I just finished a concert in which I revise the parts as needed after rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the concert. As footers are currently not available, I painstakingly modified all of the part master pages for each of the songs to make the flowcopyright visible on all pages. I’m using copyright as a “revision date” token until something else becomes available. This was tedious work, does anyone have a better idea? I know - get the parts correct the first time - but other than that.

When you edit ‘all of the part master pages’ - do you perform the edit directly on the page containing music? If so, there’s a much simpler way.

  • Open the dropdown menu under ‘Current set’ in the right hand panel. Select ‘Default part’
  • Double click the ‘First’ or ‘default’ pages below. If you perform the edit here, this will be reflected in every part who that is assigned to these master pages.
  • You need to remove page overrides for this to take effect. A page override is indicated by a red corner in the ‘Pages’ section. To remove them, right click and select ‘Remove all page overrides’.

There are some useful videos on Dorico’s youtube channel on this topic.

I think the problem of the OP is that those default masterpages could not be modified — which could automatically modify all the files…

I was able to modify the default master pages. But for a number of pieces of music, it was tedious work after all the arranging and proofreading. I’m sounding spoiled now. But adjusting the large frame, dropping in a small text frame, typing in {@flowcopyright@}, setting the font size and centering - for the 2nd page on the score master page, then doing this for the L and R pages of the part default master page + adding {@flowtitle@} to the top of the part masterpages L and R, for 10 scores, got tedious enough for me to wonder if there isn’t a simpler method. These were existing scores so I couldn’t set up a “template” project to import the master pages.

To avoid confusion, I like the subsequent pages to say for example " page 2, Clarinet - MY SONG", at the top and “revised 12/3/2017” on the bottem.