Tracking VST Guitar Plugins

It seems like you love complicate all you do …
You can use freeze of tracks if you want to save CPU because amp sim are very consuming for CPU (especially Guitar Rig I experimented).
When you use RIP it should be without any artefacts, if it is so there is a problem somewhere into your mobo, maybe you have a PC which is not as enough powerful.
I have more risks to have artefacts in real time recording than in RIP. Do you have good parameter in ASIO Guard ? do you have a good value of latency when you want to render your tracks ? (you have to increase the latency when you render else you can have problems).
Everybody gave you plenty of solution but it seems like you stay in your certitudes without take the time to keep advises …

I own multiple DAWs (Studio One, Reaper, Sonar, Ableton, Bitwig, Reason, Cubase) and have experience with Logic and Pro Tool 12.5. I have been recording for 20+ years. Each year I take time to evaluate DAWs and tools and learn about new technologies that can help me. Cubase has some nice things that I like (GUI, Multiple Mixers, Control Room, etc) but their mixer routing is behind newer offerings in the market (track to track routing is as fast and easy as I can find).

I would ask that you don’t troll me on this thread as my intent was to learn when I started this discussion. I am not negative on Cubase but I am also not blind to differences between Cubase and other DAWs. Again, I am just here to learn. Thanks.

As I wrote earlier, fair enough:)
But, I will admit that your refusal to even try the suggested way to accomplish what you want done (render in place) gets to me too. I can understand that you have a certain workflow you like, but I fail to understand why anyone would want to have real time exporting when you can do rip.
I could perhaps see a benefit in routing a channel into another (would have been nice when we had too few vst slots), but not instead of rip:)
Yes I saw in an earlier post that you had bad experiences of some sort, but as you say yourself “learn about new technologies that can help”, and most of the time Cubase gets better and better, so why don’t you try rip in 2018?
Honestly, mostly it seems to me you just want to bitch about a feature that does not exist in that particular way in Cubase, and you seem reluctant to try the DAW for what it is.
This is in no way trolling, simply asking you to be cool about all this.
I have been recording for quite a while too, but I learn new things every day, and any day now I’m going to learn about midi and VSTi:s, lol. Yeah, I’m slow, playing bass will do that to you;-)

@strummer: I really appreciate your help and responses and have tried yours (and everyones) suggestions. So far none of them work for me as well as track to track routing does. I’m not saying that I am right and anyone else is wrong. I’m just saying that track to track is a great feature for me (and a lot of others also). If its not for you then great. My last response was to a post that seemed to be less helpful and more like a troll style post. I am willing to listen and try ideas, but also I will be honest with my experience and feedback. Thanks.

Got it! So how about trying render in place?

Really you think I trolled ? :open_mouth:
I’m sad to read that, if you read again my previous posts, all of them suggested a lot of solution for you … ok I stop to try to help you because I think you , maybe you are a kind of troll , you told us you know about Pro Tools , Studio One etc … but I have serious doubts you have learn each of these and if it’s the case why you didn’t stay on Studio One or Reaper ? I have Pro Tools 2018.7 as another DAW (all with License of course), I can to tell you that the routing is less intuitive than Cubase far less :exclamation: