Tracks Become blank and some tracks play over each other

I created a setlist with 25 tracks.
Some of the tracks are now playing other tracks on top of each other and they weren’t doing that when I created them.
Also sometimes track just lose the data i.e. the tracks imported from Cubase Pro 12.

hi Ian,
a) does this also happen with version 1.52 (see here)?
b) if it does, please provide more details. What exactly did you do, in what order, and what happened or didn’t happen as you expect it to?

Thanks for your support!

Hi Musicullum and thanks for the reply.
I think Ive resolved the issue with tracks playing over each other, but I still have tracks where the data (wave form) just disappears.
The setlist I’m currently woking on - I created nine songs last night and they were all fine. This morning I turned on the computer loaded up VST Live and one of the songs is missing the data on each track but all the other tracks are fine.

Also - I am using V1.1.50.665

Let me quote myself:

So when you attmpt to load your file with the new version, events still missing?
If the problem persists, it would be great if you could send the .vlprj file, nothing else needed (no audio etc).

Hi musicullum.

I downloaded 1.53 from the info you provided.

Midi data still disappears.

The issue with audio files data disappearing isn’t as regular so I don’t know if that is still happening, but I assume it is given that the midi data disappears.

I have attached a vlprj file as you requested.

I hope this helps.

Thanks again for the support

Bracket (2.69 MB)

Thank you for the project. But no idea what to do with it, you say “events just disappear”, can’t see that. Maybe try once more with the next version coming very soon, and/or let us know how we can see the problem, thanks again!

One more thing…when you say “events disappear”, do you men events in the timeline, or MIDI events inside those? Those are stored at the project location that was active at the time of recording (or importing). If you saved your project elsewhere, it should still find it, but only if it was saved with a newer version (since 1.1.52 if I’m not mistaken)…

Ok. I thought I’d give it another go so spent the whole day getting the setlist completed.
At 2:44pm for no apparent reason some of the tracks just became blank i.e the track is still there with routine etc but there is no data in the tracks.
Am I the only person that you are aware of with this issue?

We have reports that track events (boxes on tracks) are sized to a length of zero when hovering the mouse over it, which essentially makes them disappear. This should have been fixed with 1.1.54 though. So let me repeat that question: do those boxes disappear, or their content?
You say it happens out of nothing? Or did you perform any kind of action?
It would be very helpful if you could send us your .vlprj file (no audio etc needed, just that file), then we can check to see if your events are still there, and also possibly repair it.
Other than said mouse-hovering bug, no such reports have been filed. Content (not the boxes, but what’s in there like audio, MIDI etc) may “disappear” if the project file is moved or saved elsewhere, but this should not happen anymore if the project was saved with version 1.1.52. or later.

(Did you already use yesterdays’ version 1.1.54? Because there, the mouse-hover bug should be fixed.)

Sorry, I was mistaken, 1.1.54 is not available yet but will be very soon, pls. try again then, thanks.

Ian Wood
Phone: 0477415201

Sorry but what is this supposed to tell us?
I see audio events, but no waveform, so presumably, audio files are missing.
a) first place VST Live looks at is in the folder where the project was saved, and there, in the “audio” folder, possibly a subfolder in there.
Since version 1.1.52, it also remebers the absolute path, so it finds it even when the project file is moved relative to audio, MIDI etc data (as long as those exist). If you open older projects and given the files are available, you can save it as a new version and then it also remembers absolute pathes.

If you send the .vlprj file we can see where it expects those missing files.
Any detail helps.


I had originally attached the vlprj with two screen shots and then received a “failed send” as only on screen shot can be sent – when I resent I forgot to reattach the vlprj.

Here it is.


Bracket (2.44 MB)

ah sorry, you had sent this before…missed it, apologies!

a) is that project file saved in “Documents/VSTLive/songs/It’s A Heartache”?
b) Is there a file named “audio/Gig/electric guitar.wav” in that folder?

Then there are several files saved in “Documents/VSTLive/songs/Look what you’ve done” which appears to be a different project. You may want to check in the hub, if that is set as default location, and if “Prompt for project location” is activated. This all determines where the project searches for files. The “default default” location on Windows is “C:\Users\User\Documents\VSTLive\projects”.

Not recommended to save VST Live Projects in the “songs” folder, because that folder is meant to save or load Songs from the “Song” menu. But it shouldn’t cause a problem.

Did find one bug though, which happens when you save the project in a different folder and preference “Store Assets in Project Folder” is activated, will fix that.

Long story short, your project has already saved absolute files pathes, so as long as those files still exist, it should find it. As a next step. let us know if those files exist.

Thanks for the guidance.

As to your questions


Have you had a chance to look at this yet?



Not sure how to deal with these white squares?

I don’t know why that happened.

I’ve sent the following to me first to make sure it works and it does so hopefully you can now see my responses



Unfortunately, no.
You could send a PM?

I think the problem was with indents so without indents here’s the message I sent you.

Question – Is the project file saved in “Documents/VST Live/Songs/It’s A Heartache?

Answer – I have created a project called Bracket 2 in This PC > Documents > VST Live > Brkt 2.

All the songs exist in separate folders in This PC > Documents > VST Live > Songs.

The song “It’s A Heartache” is a project in Songs i.e. This PC > Documents > VST Live > Songs. > It’s A Heartache.vlsprj.

Question – Is there a file named “audio/Gig/electric guitar.wav”in that folder?

Answer – Yes there is.

I can’t see any files in “Documents/VSTLive/Songs/Look What You’ve Done” other than the wav and peak files in audio > gig and in midi.

I have now activated “Store Assets In Project Folder”.