Tracks being replaced by tracks from a different project

I opened a project and the bass guitar track has been substituted with a bass guitar track from a different project.

It is impossible for that to happen without user intervention. If you want help, give more details, or re-evaluate what you think actually happened.

I closed project and when i reopened it 2 days later tracks had altered. Not only the bass track but one of the drum tracks had only part of what was there before. Luckily i had already done a mixdown. This is not the first time it has happened and it also happened to someone else i know. I closed saved project and reopened. All the BAK are the same as well.

I would suspect a third party here. Any suspicious cleaning staff that hum as they clean? :laughing: Does anyone else have access to the computer?

I tried overwriting track presets and see if I could somehow reproduce such behaviour, but no luck. The only way to do this is to reload the preset.


  1. Let’s say we have project A and save a track preset “Bass”.
  2. We then work on project B and create a different sound for the bass. We save as track Preset “Bass” and choose overwrite. We save the project.
  3. We return to project A. The preset name is “Bass” but the bass still plays the original sound. If we “reload preset”, the overwritten preset from project B loads, and the sound changes to the one of project B.

Regarding the missing material, I don’t know. A failed save?

That’s all very peculiar, that’s the first time I hear of this issue.

Yeah. It’s only happened to me twice. I was thinking along the lines that it just loaded the wrong track if it wasn’t for the corruption on the drum track. The bass track it loaded is still in the origional project it came from and that project is ok. Oh thanks for your input.

Cloud synced project folder? All projects in one folder?

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No. Just on my computer. I was curious to cause. Work around was simple as i just replaced the tracks from the audio folder in the project folder, they remained unaffected.

Let’s differentiate some things here

Was it the track or was it the audio event/file. ie, did the inserts from one project also end up on the other project? I’m guessing not the latter.

Only way this could happen is if files have the same names and are sharing the same pool, and or, you do a ‘search for missing files’ and it finds a file that is named the same but is the wrong file, ie, ‘Audio-01’.

Were you bouncing/exporting to a common place of which both pools from both projects are referencing?

Hi. All my projects are saved to cubase projects each as a seperate folder named by the title of the songs they represent. I’ve looked in both audio files and they do have similar names. I’ve noticed in project A say that file is 2:28mins long. And in B there are two files for same track(1 added to name) that are 2:05 and 0:23 in duration and it was the 2:05 one that ended up in wrong project. I don’t know. As i said ive got a work around and it’s only happened twice 8 years. Thanks for help. I think your right about pool will take more care in naming things. I dont even have a name for my cat.:scream_cat::joy_cat:

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