Tracks go silent when selecting something else, Cubase 10.5

I am having issues where a track I just did some instrument edit on may go silent after I switch to another track and open its instrument, or do some other edits. These are VSTi channels. I can’t recall if an audio track has done this.

Has anyone else seen this?


Could you add MIDI Insert Monitor to the track, to observe if any MIDI Message (most probably MIDI CC7) has been sent, please?

What happens when you click back to the track? Is it still silent or does it come back to the normal value?

I will have to see about adding a MIDI monitor. And it is unknown when or if it will happen again. I’m about done with this track, and the Cubase update may help with strained cpu.

The sound has always returned again at some point after I click a few more tracks.

At first I was duplicating the silent track, and the new one would work fine, then I delete the old one. But I have had better luck lately without having to do that.


Yes, please update to Cubase 10.5.12 in any case.