Tracks>Group Tracks - No Group Sound/Channel Activity

I never had a problem with this before on my older 32-bit XP system with either SX1 or SX3 – and it worked for another project in Cubase 6 on my 64-bit Win7. Even though I’ve checked that my routings are correct (I’ve tripled checked and checked again), the group tracks are not showing any activity = dead.

So, for example, when I try to draw even just Volume on my Guitar Group Track, nothing happens, including muting or solo-ing the Group track/s. I hear everything but any edit or adjustment in Group tracks just don’t do nuttin’. VST Connections/Group/FX has “Stereo” in Speakers, and “Out” in Output Routing.

As I said, I’m embarrassed with this almost-newbie question but…
Whuddahell am I doing wrong? :slight_smile:

Kind of hard to do any real mix-down work without this.
Thanks for your help.
System Specs

Windows Version:7 Home Premium 64-bit
Processor:AMD X6 1090T Phenom II Black Edition 6x3.2 Ghz - no overclocking
RAM:16 Gb. DDR3
Hard Drives: Multiple SATA2 7200 Rpm.
Sound Card:M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496 (Analog I/O) + MIDI
Video Card:nVidia GeForce 6800 XT
Video Capture:Onboard and TI chip IEEE PCI card

I am aware that sometimes projects can get corrupted and stuff stops working after a project has been used for a long time, but this is a relatively new or virgin project, so I’m thinking it may be something else - i.e. my ignorance due to that I upgraded to Cubase 6 relatively recently from SX3. This project was started from scratch in Cubase 6.

Bump. Could someone PLEASE help me with this?

OK, I’ve at least figured out how to make the Group channel register audio activity - by sliding the green audio level all the way to the right, and so then drawing in the Group track is working now - routed tracks are affected accordingly. But

I still hear the tracks to which they are assigned when I draw down to 0 or Mute the Group track or tracks. It would seem to me that this should not occur since the audio tracks are going only through the Groups to “Out” – if one mutes the group, everything routed to it should be mute, right?

Again, help appreciated.

I seems to me you talk about routing tracks, but are using sends…? Of course sends will only split the signal, so that the tracks output still goes to its routing destination, which is by default the master out, while routing a track´s output to a group will “route” the tracks output to the group only


Ah, what a relief… someone answered - lol.

I get your points made but how could I do what I’m wishing to do? That is, being able to route all guitar tracks to a master “GUITARS” track, all drums and percussion to a master “DRUMS” track, etc. so that I can fine tune mostly volume (and pan if needed). Tracks with recordings, etc. > master “TRACKS” for fine-tuning > Out.

One main advantage for this is also being able to mute several tracks with one click. I tend to have a bit too many tracks going but it’s kind a work-flow thing…

What kind of track should I choose? FX Channel?

No, you should choose groups, but it seems to me you you send the tracks to the group, instead of routing the channel output.

Man, I feel my memory is like Swiss Cheese. You’re absolutely right and due to your input, I finally figured it out by opening one of my older SX3 files without saving it where my Groups worked. The place to choose what audio tracks go to a selected Group Track (in the pic it’s the “CITY SGTR” group track) is where I put the red arrow in the pic below. Duh :slight_smile: I was looking in the wrong place (Track Controls).

So problem s-o-l-v-e-d.
Thank you.

Now for an OT question for you: I noticed we have kind of similar systems in that we use Win7 64 bit, yet I notice you have Cubase 5 (32-bit) listed in your specs. Old spec info, typo or are you actually using 32-bit? If so, for what reason?

You’re welcome.