Tracks have regions, but won't play audio

I have a full session. Around 150 tracks or so. A large pop production.

a few days ago one of the vocal tracks became inaudible even though it was unmuted, fader was up, and was routed completely correctly.

this has become increasingly common in this session now with multiple tracks giving the same behavior.

it is not the traditional ‘mute bug’, i have toggled mute, i have deactivated the track and reactivated. sometimes a restart will help, but the bug is ever present in usually at least some of these tracks. I am on a deadline for delivery.

has anyone encountered this before? can anyone suggest a workaround?

thanks in advance

Any plugins in the affected channels? Try removing them one by one (not just bypassing) . Check also any inserts in groups and master in the same way until you have checked through all of the routing.

There is a global insert bypass in the mix. (Alt+Ins) but I have found that very occasionally plugins can cause audio mute even when bypassed, so testing by removing is a safer bet. Good luck.

I got no idea why some of your audio events don’t play back anymore. But if you are on a deadline and a restart fixes things temporarily I’d render tracks that are affected as stems. Maybe two versions - dry and wet.
Just a thought…

thanks for your responses @Johnny_Moneto and @Parrotspain
I’ll try both of these today…down to the wire now!

I love cubase but this is challenging.

I had this happen last night and even though the track was not muted, at the very top of the project window, the yellow mute was lit up. Everything played but this one track. If I hit solo on the track, it would play back but as soon as I un-soloed it, the track would was silent.
I clicked on the yellow mute at the top of the project window and the track started playing back. It’s weird but look at the top of the project window.

Hey @yeahimsteve - I’m glad you’ve found a result but unfortunately this is not the same issue for me. Your bug is commonly known as the mute bug. This is something else. Cheers!

Aww bummer…I’m sorry