Tracks in Cubase 10.5 are randomly muted, enabling and disabling inserts is the only way to fix it

As the title states, the tracks in many of my projects are seemingly muting at random.
The only fix is to disable the bulk of the inserts via “Constrain Delay Compensation”, enabling them again, and then everything works, for a while at least.

I’m on a 2019 Mac Pro, MacOS Catalina. Buffer is at maximum.


Is the Mute button really switched On? Or you just don’t here the signal of the tracks?

Is Constrain Delay Compensation enabled in your project when you open it?

Hi Martin,

The mute buttons are switched off. No muting is happening within the projects.
Constrain Delay Compensation is disabled, I just happened to figure out toggling it helped with the muting problem.
The problem can best be compared to instruments losing voices (it isn’t that, by the way), there will be a random track that is suddenly silent, requiring the Constrain Delay Compensation button to be toggled, or in some cases, the Bypass Instruments button.
So, the problem could be in one of the plugins I’m using, but I haven’t been able to narrow it down yet.


Isn’t there any Trial/Demo plug-in license by any chance?

Hi Martin, no, not to my knowledge.
Theres a small chance this is being caused by Soundtoys plugins, but at the moment I do not have the time to test it.
But the projects that have this issue had a lot of Soundtoys plugins in them.

Been seeing this since 10 over here.

Oftentimes the mute button is “phantom” pressed; it’s been activated but not lit up. If I mute and un-mute, it goes away. Or, as said above, deactivate and re-activate.

Happens on my busses sometimes too, but there it seems plugin related. Disabling the in-line EQ will bring the bus back sometimes.

So hard to reproduce these random issues.

So, if your issue is the same as mine, we’ve stumbled upon a very unpleasant issue because of its unpredictably


Does it help, if you click to Deactivate All Mute States?

Hi Martin,

Thanks, but unfortunately that does not seem to be it.
It seems to be something “within” tracks that is getting in the way of the sound. Almost as if a certain combination of inserts is randomly blocking throughput. Quite unpredictable, hence I havent been able to make much sense of this.

Happens here too

bug fix coming or no ?


Unfortunately we don’t have a clear reproduction of the issue so far.

yea me neither, but it keeps happening and i cant figure out whats causing it

Beat Designer ALWAYS starts up muted. I’m using 11 Pro and everytime I start a session I have to unmute using the MUTE button at the top of the screen in the main Cubase page. Strangely, if I click on the PLAY button in BD the patterns run as normal