Tracks Locked

After opening Cubase 8 yesterday I found practically everything in the project window was locked.
I can’t move or stretch parts at all ( audio or midi).
I can play the the tracks but I can’t move tracks up or down within the project window. I can’t stretch or shrink locators on the marker track.

I have tried it in on Cubase 8 64 bit, 8.5 64 bit, 7.5 64bit and Cubase 5 64 bit. it is the same in all of them.
I can’t work because nothing can be moved.

I have rebooted the PC (Windows 7) 6 times. I have also unplugged every midi midi and audio usb and my ilock but that hasn’t fixed anything. Occasionally it will be OK at first until I press “save”… then it is all locked up again.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

looks like all ur events are locked. there is a lock icon for each track…check if thats turned on/off
also check ur project settings (shift+s) might not be compatible with sound card (for example 44.1khz with 48khz sound card)