tracks not sync'd on certain computers

Hi there,

here’s a bizarre issue that I’ve never encountered in my long years as a Cubase user… I have a project that I’ve cue’d up on my remote machine, which is running Cubase 8.5, and it seems that a few of the tracks are out of sync. In particular, I have a drum part (primarily kick and snare) that have multiple tracks for each of them, and its sounding like one is occurring maybe 20ms after, or before (can’t tell which) the other. But HERE’S the bizarre part: On my main machine, also running Cubase 8.5, they are perfectly in sync!

Visibly, you cannot see that they are off. And when you zoom in you can see the hits perfectly lined up. Yet sure enough as soon as you hit play, they are out of sync with each other.

I don’t know how anyone could possibly troubleshoot this without actually looking at it, especially when one is fine on one machine and NOT fine on the other, but anyone have anything that immediately comes to mind? I’m stumped!


I should note, that I’m booting up a copy of the exact same project on both machines. There’s no apparent reason why they should sound out of sync on EITHER machine, as you can plainly see that they are locked up in the project.

Just to clarify… I did a render of the drum tracks. As you can clearly see, there’s a hit (and it’s a snare hit) occurring wayyyy before it should. I’ve highlighted it…

And here’s a screenshot of the actual tracks that were rendered… as you can see, they are clearly lined up.

Like I said, no reason at all for this to be happening, that I can see. And again, does NOT occur on my other machine running the exact same software and setup.

Is there a delay-compensation kinna thing going on? But why would it be exclusive to certain tracks? weird…

Found the issue… although I still don’t know why. I had an instance of Trigger2 on the live snare track. And it was BYPASSED! when I removed the plugin, there are no more sync issues. WOW that is puzzling. Well at least I found the issue, now just gotta figure out why. And why it’s fine on one machine and isn’t on another… oh boy!

I had the same problem. In a mixing project of a live recording snare and overheads didn´t sync on some songs although they were perfectly lined up. I also had Trigger 2 on the snare track and the bypass was automated. Turns out every time Trigger 2 was bypassed the problem occured. Thanks to your post I found this out. It was driving me mad. I wouldn´t have thought that a bypassed plugin would cause this. If I find out why it´s doing that, I´ll let you know.

oh man, AWESOME i’m glad that post came in handy. It was a maddening problem for sure because I thought I was losing my mind. :slight_smile: If I get the gumption i’m going to take it up with Slate.