Tracks write Mute automation on Solo other track

I’m running into a thing I don’t understand in Nuendo. When I solo a track it sometimes writes Mute automation to other tracks (which are not heard obviously because of Solo). I really don’t understand why this is happening… for now I’ve suspended writing Mute in the automation panel.
But maybe I’m simply doing something wrong…?

Any help much appreciated!

Sounds like a bug.

I’m generally not a fan of writing mute automation anyway so I always have it disabled. But no, it shouldn’t work that way I think.

Hi, I don’t like it as well… but in Pro Tools you have the setting (in preferences) to disable mute automation all together… I would love that in Nuendo…

Obviously that exists in Nuendo. On the automation panel.
Suspend Mute automation.

Does this happen to you by using the track solo? the solo of the console? or of a control surface?

Thanks for chiming in.
As a new user I was not 100% certain Suspend automation worked for me. Because ‘suspend mute automation’ is something slightly different from all out not accepting/writing mute automation data. If were to un-suspend it via a key command it would unnoticeably start writing data again. But there are ways to prevent that (I disabled the keycommand).

That stupid Mute automation again.

Yes, when you solo a channel, all other channels go into mute.
And when you have your automation in “Write”, then obviously this will write mute automation.
It is stupid and retarded.

I have been on a decades long crusade to remove Mute Automation from the DAW.
I don’t see any use for it, and have heard no valid arguments in favor it.
And/or whatever use there is, it doesn’t outweigh the problems it causes.
It’s a feature for hobby & amateur users. It has no place in Nuendo.

All my templates have Mute Automation in suspend by default.

End of rant.


How do you really feel about it though?

Lol@Fredo. Same here.

I cannot reproduce the original ‘error’. I just tried this on v10.

When you want a sharp cutoff on a long reverb tail happening in realtime (not printed). Yes, there are other ways to do that, but that’s exactly what Mute is for. Thus, the name.

Maybe they could add a “Don’t Write Mute Automation” selection in the Automation Panel. Only enable when needed then turn it back off. Very different than “Suspend Mute Automation”.

But the suspend option can suspend mute-write. Not just read. Or am I missing what’s missing?

If it suspends Mute Write (which it may) then they implemented my suggestion before I made it.

Which means Steinberg has a Time Machine!

So why are they screwing around with DAWs when they could use their Time Machine to make some REAL money in Vegas?

The plot thickens…

Suspend Write/read has been there since the introduction of the (current) automation system.
It’s you who is lagging behind. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s been there for years and years.

Like some others (I bet) I will by default leave several automation parameters in “suspend write” mode. Depending on the project I’m working on and the phase I’m in I might have almost all parameters disabled. Typically “mute” is always disabled and “inserts” “volume” is always enabled.

Just so you guys know, I was kidding about an actual Tme Machine. I’m pretty sure Steinberg doesn’t have one. At least yet.

But they WILL have had one the whole time if they do invent one in the future if you take my meaning. See what you can learn by reading Douglas Adams?