Trackspacer plugin?

before I buy another 3rd party plugin , can I check if I missed something and you can done this with a Cubase stock plugins


(Cubase 12 only):
Probably not as precise because it only has 8 bands, but Frequency 2 has dynamic side chain attenuation.
So technically this is achievable by using four inserts of and place the bands appropriately. For easy use, you can save this a s a preset.

  1. In reality I highly doubt that you actually need that many bands
  2. I listened to a demo online and am not impressed. Usually if you need plugins like that you’re either into EDM or you have problems with your instrumentation. So instead of fixing the mix by attenuating tracks, try to make room for the individual instruments/vocals.
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I agree 100% , I am at the dub for a score I did and the engineer has been using it , I’d never heard of it before was you wondering , I am new to cubase , and I love using frequency!



I have used the Trackspacer for a long time. I agree that Frequency 2 is a perfect tool to do what Trackspacer does and more. Frequency 2 is great in general, really great for ducking too

I used to use it all the time. I think you can side chain to Pro-Q3 and use that dynamically. Izotope i think has something similar for unmasking frequencies. Though they are not stock plugins.

As for TrackSpacer, i stopped using it. It was killing my computer and i had no idea what was doing it. I had a large project with 6 TrackSpacers in it and i removed the TrackSpacer instances and got back about 60% of my CPU.

If your using it once or twice in a project it might be fine. But its not something you can use a lot.

(To everyone: When i say CPU i mean the Cubase power bar. I know there is a lot more that goes into that bar than just CPU so don’t @me about it lol)

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Thank you , I hate heavy cpu plug-ins ! I’ll give it a miss

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