Trackversions broken?

Hey Guys,

So I’ve made a point recently of recording my sessions in Nuendo when I go to record live musicians in a studio, which cuts down massively on PT transfers and means I can import the tracks straight into my session for editing.

With editing multi tracks, I’ve found that the quickest way to edit is to have the tracks inside a folder with group editing on, and duplicate the folder underneath.
I then create a new trackversion on the newly created folder+tracks, to which I can drag or copy edits from the original folder whilst going through the different track versions in the previous track(s)+folder.

Unfortunately I’ve run into a bug; when I’ve duplicated the folder and tracks to a new one, and then add a new trackversion, it messes up the ID’s.
For example, I had one folder with tracks which had Id’s up to 52. When I added a new trackversion, it used ID 17 of which it already had one…as soon as I switched to another ID, I couldn’t switch back to the newly created one as it was essentially a duplicate ID, and would switch back to the actual 17 rather than the newly created one (which should have been 53).
Anyone know how to fix this? I now have a duplicate ID with edits I can’t access anymore… :cry:

This might sound strange but save, close, and open the project before you duplicate your folder tracks.